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    The workshop aims to train students on the set of disciplines related to the field of digital gaming, simulations and gamification by involving them in the scope of projects that can be initiated by:

    • specific proposals and requests from agencies, organizations and companies
    • projects proposed on the initiative of individual students and groups including from different faculties and departments; internal laboratory initiatives promoted by the scientific committee as well as by researchers, faculty and departments of Sapienza;
    • experimentation and development projects based on existing agreements between companies and public agencies with the GamificationLab, Digilab and la Sapienza University; *.

    Therefore, in the course of the relationship with the lab, contracted entities and partners (companies, public entities, associations, business incubators and financial operators) will be able to propose (through calls and tenders) research, prototyping and development projects based on the principles of gamification that can be “adopted” by groups of students and researchers under the supervision of tutors and lecturers appointed by the lab.

    Similarly, students will be able to submit projects, including prototypes, which will be presented to potentially interested companies and funders.

    Design, testing and development activities will be complemented by participation in seminars led by faculty and experts from the relevant industry. The latter will also carry out mentoring, guidance and supervision of the activities carried out in the laboratory, ensuring high quality standards of research and development processes.

    Apart from enrolling in the lab (to be done through conventional channels), interested students will be able to present initiatives and projects, by appointment, during the scheduled weekly reception hours c/o the Digilab office.