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Available theses

How is the internship/dissertation structured.

Please refer to the relevant page (click here).

We advise bachelor students to start the internship when they are a few (0..2) exams away from graduation

How long does the internship/thesis last?

The internship has a minimum duration of 3 months, while the thesis has a minimum duration of 6 months. However, an internship in our projects lasts at least 5 months on average.

The actual duration depends on the individual student: if you devote the right amount of time, you will easily make it in the allotted time. Of course, the number of remaining exams and the overall time you devote to the internship are the main variables that determine the duration.

For more details about the structure and duration of the internship, see the page “How is the internship/thesis structured”.

Do I have to do an internship or a thesis? What is the difference?

The Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science involves an internship and the presentation of the work done in it through an internship report. The Master’s Degree in Computer Science involves the development and presentation of a degree thesis.

It is important not to confuse with the nomenclature: official documents (with deadlines, obligations, etc.) will always carry “internship report” when it is the bachelor’s degree, and thesis when it is the master’s degree.