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Structure of Evaluation

The evaluation includes four homeworks (OpenAPI, Go backend, Vue.js frontend, Docker containers) and an oral exam.

We will describe and release homeworks during the semester. There is no deadline for delivery, but they need to be done before the oral exam (see below). You can submit them multiple times (even if you already submitted other homeworks), and your grade will change accordingly. We will grade them periodically. Each homework is graded between 0 and 30.

Homeworks should be delivered before the exam (usually the week before the appello – see below), and they must be delivered in a single Git repository (see Deliver your homework page). You will be admitted to the oral part if all four homeworks have a grade greater than or equal to 18 (we will consider the last evaluation). The average grade for all homeworks will be used as the “presentation grade” for the oral.

During the oral exam, we will discuss the whole work. We may ask you to present your project briefly, and we may ask you to show and explain the code and the solution you used to implement specific functionalities. Also, we may ask you about any topic discussed in classes (see the slides and syllabus). The oral exam will decide the final grade.

Please also read the stream page (the WASA home page) for changes and alerts on specific exam sessions.

Note: the presentation grade is used as a hint for the oral; however, we will make the final decision on your grade during the discussion. Grades can change in any direction (increase/decrease), in any magnitude.

IMPORTANT! - Exams dates and organization

All Wasa exam sessions will be organized as follows:

  • on the week before the appello:
    • If you still need to reserve the exam in Infostud: remember to do it before the deadline!
    • Please commit your homework code by Wednesday (also late evening is fine)
    • We will make the last homework evaluation on Thursday morning
    • Final results published by Thursday afternoon
    • oral exams schedule published by Friday afternoon
  • on the appello week:
    • oral exams will be organized over multiple days. Please look at the schedule
    • If you have any problem reaching the university (train is late, etc.), please send us an e-mail
    • bring your laptop (with your working project) and an identity document to the exam

Dates for each appeal are published in a post on the main WASA page.

How does the oral discussion work

This section is intended for those unfamiliar with exams with oral discussions (Erasmus students, etc.).

This is more or less what will happen:

  • When it’s your turn, we will verify your ID, and the discussion will start. You can withdraw at any moment;
  • At the end of the discussion, a grade will be proposed to you if it’s successful. You can still withdraw by rejecting it;
  • If your grade is insufficient at the end of the discussion, you will fail the exam (you cannot withdraw anymore at this point).

If you decide to withdraw or fail the exam, you will be able to retake the exam on the next available date. If you accept a grade, you cannot retake the exam.