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Deliver your homework

Delivery instructions

You need to follow these instructions only once. You will use one repo for all homeworks.

You must create a Git repository in a “git forge” (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.). The repository should be private. Once created, you need to add an SSH key as “Deploy key” (read-only). To obtain the key, fill this form: https://wasa-enroll.sapienzaapps.it/dashboard/.

To add the key to your project:

  • GitLab: Go to the Settings -> Repository -> Deploy keys -> Add Key
  • GitHub: Go to the Settings -> Deploy keys -> Add Key

We will periodically download the default branch (remote HEAD); usually, they are named master or main. We will grade the latest version of your repository each time we download new commits in those branches.

If you have any issue with the form, please e-mail us.

For other FAQs, see the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Project layout and homework

Project specifications.

Homework 1: You should name the OpenAPI file as api.yaml (lowercase), and it should be inside the doc/ directory (lowercase). So: doc/api.yaml

Homework 2/3: follow the structure described in Fantastic Coffee (Decaffeinated).

Homework 4: you should create two Dockerfiles: one named Dockerfile.frontend for the frontend part, one named Dockerfile.backend for the backend part. Refer to the last lecture and to WASA Fountains for examples.


Grades are available on this page https://wasa-enroll.sapienzaapps.it/. Schedules and exam dates are available in the exam page.