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WASA - Web and software architecture


We prepared this virtual machine with all the tools we will use during the course.


  • 64-bit CPU and operating system
  • 20~40 GB free space in your HDD/SSD
  • 4GB of RAM minimum
    • If you have only 4GB of RAM on your PC, you need to modify the Virtual Machine settings and lower the VM RAM to 2GB
  • VirtualBox at least 6.1.36 or newer, on Windows/Linux or Intel-based Apple hardware
  • UTM on Apple M1/M2 hardware

There are two different versions, depending on your hardware:

  • AMD64/x86_64 for Intel and Intel-compatible (AMD, etc.) processors
    • You can import the ova file directly into VirtualBox
  • Apple M1/M2 for ARM64-based architectures, such as Apple M1/M2 processors
    • to decompress this file you need a 7-zip decompressor (e.g., brew install p7zip, and then use the command 7z x WASA-ARM64-v3.utm.7z).

Please verify the SHA256 hash of the file after the download:

4df5a386b43ed3bddbabfddb0773a450432919882c609820a12c53023f7b03a8  WASA-ARM64-v3.utm.7z
214f30a0e5d57862b7633faddafec5909562d5d0bafe713fdff787fe5d240728  WASA-AMD64-v1.ova

The username is wasa, and the password is wasa.2022.

For advanced users

Instructions here are for advanced users who want to build a custom environment. If you configure a host with the following tools, you may be able to use that, but you are on your own (we can help you only if you use the VM above).

The following tools are required:

  • Go compiler
  • NodeJS + npm (LTS)
  • Git
  • Docker (engine), docker-compose
  • POSIX-compliant case-sensitive filesystem with support for UNIX-style permissions
    • examples: GNU/Linux, macOS (only if your filesystem is case-sensitive), FreeBSD
    • GNU/Linux is strongly suggested as Docker is emulated in a VM in other OSes